one mathematical code rules our universe

always first question concerning the 'universe': what is time?
here my understanding of time in brief:
time is an entity with the attribute 'infinite'
- unlimited in past, but not in presence and future!!
infinitely long lasting time already ended at the 'big bang'
and was replaced by infinite patterns that emerged during big bang.
before big bang there only was time, with no beginning - and nothing else.
an illustration of time is the red line at the bottom of the background image.
this line can be transformed bijectively into an array of tightly lying circles,
filling half of the screen with 'red' - and then apparently without any structure.
the structure is hidden resp. covered by infinity as shown in the vicinity above the line,
but as mathematical structure it remains existent, shown with the selection of circles.
( instead of looking such images you equally can delve into set and number theory! :-)

big bang was induced by the emergence of only one single more property (or quality) to the infinitely long lasting simple order.
without a preexisting infinity only one single smallish property never could have created the infinite complexity after big bang,
so any kind of infinity must have been existing before anything could happen at all - and why shouldn't we call that 'time' ?
infinity of what we now call time was transformed into patterns and structures that developed a complex life of their own.
these patterns and structures immediately undertook all functions of 'eternal time', making time absolutely redundant.
'space' and 'matter' were created explosively after big bang, while time as independent dimension vanished silently.
here big bang is the abrupt adding of rotation around the axis of time (bright red line), what converts the circles into horn tori *
big horn tori - 'remote particles' respectively 'far-away matter' - now replace the funtion of time completely,
reducing its relevance to a simplifying auxiliary physical term and to pure human psychological perception.
the term 'intrinsic time' will appear later, inhering some importance, but not as an own dimension again.
time in all manifestations is represented by mere properties of fundamental entities and physical objects
whose interactions, inducing the principle of 'cause and effect', only simulate the alleged 'arrow of time',
and 'reversion of time' does not change that principle - that would be a step into the world of anti-matter!
→ mathematics didn't arise 'somewhen in the past', but exists since forever, as simple order relation:
the universe is mathematical
continue   * explained in video  The Big Hiss