one mathematical code rules our universe

next question concerning our now 'timeless' universe: is it real?
does reality exist without observers at all?
the answer depends on how 'reality' is defined:
when the mentioned mere 'patterns and structures' of any kind whatsoever,
produced howsoever during and following big bang
shall represent the whole existing reality,
then the answer is: definitely YES.
these patterns and structures don't contain constructs like round spheres, straight lines, massive objects, ...,
they don't distinguish hard and soft or free of mass, don't know heat, colours, locomotion, velocity, ...,
they are neither dark nor bright, neither loud nor silent, ...,
they don't discern cause and effect, don't feature any order or rule, not even 'physical variables', ...,
but all works! These patterns and structures, evoked during big bang, interact as entities
in a simple, deterministic, fantastically intertwining manner.

but the answer definitely is NO,
when only imaginations of the detectable world,
we observers have by our means of perception, is called reality.
no phenomenon that we observers find in our reality does exist, when not observed,
but the pattern of any kind whatsoever continues to be, even if there is no consciousness to observe.
as pattern the universe definitely does exist, however it has no properties without an observer,
who is able to describe them, respectively who can react on parts of the pattern in a definite way.
we humans try to describe the patterns and structures by means of analogous models that match into our thought structure,
meaning we use our preformed engrams for the projection of not conceivable mechanisms into a frame we easily understand,
with the aim to associate a mental image with the surely unimaginable reality, mostly with the help of three-dimensional space.
this space we master virtuosically and it is reasonable, to use this virtuosity for projections of patterns as description of reality,
but we always have to keep in mind that every description of natural (physical) laws is a simplifying model,
whereas the universe as a whole doesn't have the restriction of human mental capability,
it knows all mathematics - simply and comprehensively:
the universe is mathematical