one mathematical code rules our universe

preliminary remark:
Don't expect a completely elaborated consistent physical or mathematical theory! Regard the horn torus model, what we describe and visualise here and on linked sites, as suggestion to leave fixed habits of conventional mainstream thinking now and then. Playfully, just for fun! - Sometimes crackpot ideas inspire. - The matter is intended to be an exciting game, to exercise imaginative power and ability to think in abstract terms (helpful for understanding physics ;-)
The horn torus, we start to discuss here, shall not be taken as something like a three-dimensional solid figure! Our horn tori are not embedded and found in our three-dimensional world, but span a dynamic space of their own. In our pure analogous model they only illustrate manifold intrinsic properties of complex numbers: as dynamised entities they bear highest symmetry, creative capabilities and incredible complexity. And these manifold intrinsic properties correspond to those of physical objects in a strikingly congruent way! 'Physical object' equally stands for the 'smallest' elementary particle, the 'whole' infinite universe and all 'between' - in short: the dynamic horn torus as abstract entity symbolises one mathematical universal code.

Every mathematical universe concept has to describe physical theories concerning 'creation' (beginning, big bang), cosmology (inflation, expansion of space), evolution of the universe and its contents (elementary particles, energy, matter, atoms, molecules, galaxies, ...) exclusively by pure abstract mathematics. As main premise for full abstraction we imperatively need strict epistemological reductions and fundamental definitions of space, time and physical objects as entities. Neither terms from outside mathematics nor traditional imaginations of objects and processes are allowed in the applied formalism. Then we have to find 'interactions' of these entities that lead to an unification of forces, whatever 'force' stands for (grand unification or grand unified theory, GUT). Ultimate aim is to combine all (including quantum mechanics, gravitation and general relativity) to a theory of everything (TOE), by means of either (loop) quantum gravity, string theory, supersymmetry, or just any new approach as Max Tegmark's mathematical universe hypothesis (MUH) .... The alternative horn torus model as a mental game (see links) makes use of radical reductionism to a space without dimensions or, what might be the same, with an infinite number of coordinates, formed by mathematically defined abstract entities that contain all kinds of particles and properties in one single consistent image as dynamically interlaced modified Riemann surfaces or complex manifolds, which are describable in common speech and easily can be illustrated geometrically in an intuitively accessible way ...
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Wolfgang W. Daeumler is a German physicist and physician. His horn torus idea reaches back to 1988, was first published 1989 as private letters, 1996 as booklet, 2000 in the internet on, 2006 on and 2017 on this site, last updated 03/2018, images and animations generated by artmetic (free for private use), © Wolfgang W. Daeumler
background image: cross-section of nested horn tori