one mathematical code rules our universe

note: horn tori are metaphysics - not physical objects to be found in 3-dimensional space!
The (allegoric or analogously figurative) horn torus model primarily only provides ontologically relevant interpretations. These can be used to justify and substantiate a philosophical worldview that can be assigned to subjective idealism or constructivism, and on the basis of which both axiomatic mathematics and phenomenological physics are regarded as not real (independent of consciousness). As first conclusions one perhaps could state these:
• there is no empty space in which physics takes place. Complex dynamic processes generate the space. An idle state (statics) does not occur
• there are no 'dimensions', neither an Euclidean nor non-Euclidean space, nor any vector spaces, not even in the sense of the abstract Hilbert space
• time is not a basic physical quantity, although it is included and identifiable in the model, it is redundant and reducible to other, more fundamental quantities
• without a consciousness that describes them, there are no individual, independent 'physical objects', especially no isolated or isolatable particles
• what appears to be a 'particle' is only the 'local' property of a much more comprehensive entity at a specific 'location' in the horn torus space:
• what we describe as a nucleon here, is an electron there, farther away a photon, and simultaneously a completely different 'particle' of the same entity elsewhere
• all entities, i.e. all particles too, are connected (linked, entangled) with all other entities/particles and 'interact' with each other
• interacting means intertwining, being dynamically interlaced, constantly measuring and comparing each other and deterministically integrating into a entirety
• the universe is an orderly, mathematically describable network, a regularly structured pattern, the mere structure of an a priori existing mathematics
• a consciousness uses its special senses to pick out only very small parts of this abstract mathematical pattern from the comprehensive total of processes
• all described properties of what is perceived are (constructed) interpretations by the perceiver, generated by (subjective) mental processing
Of course, I know that above - not new - statements can't entice physicists, working on real questions, from their collider or other tools - I know the classification of such non-verifiable and non-falsifiable mind games -, and I don't expect common acceptance or broad acclaim. That's ok, I'm not eager for a war of opinions :-)
In retrospect, with a view onto history of science, horn tori could be associated with the 'ur-alternatives' by C.F.v. Weizsäcker, but also with spinors, twistors, Lie groups and all related - also current - symmetry considerations. All pure mathematics. But, to use horn tori as base for physical calculations, I'm afraid we need a different, perhaps disruptive, 'fundamental' mathematics,

but it still remains valid:

the universe is mathematical
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