one mathematical code rules our universe

anticipating objections: some clarifications
I want to emphasize that the horn torus model is neither physics nor mathematics, and least of all it is esotericism or anything like 'sacred geometry'! It is a pure intellectual game to realize the mathematical structure of fundamental physical objects and processes, concerning 'elementary particles' and 'space'. The choice of just these analogous images is not quite arbitrary, but certainly not mandatory. The main motifs for choosing the horn tori are
• their absolute simplicity and sovereign ontological parsimony ('Ockham's razor'):
• 'membership' of various elementary particles as one set in one single entity, emerged from only one principle
• the superior symmetry, therefore good pictorial representation and
• the relatively simple programming of graphics and animations
important in choosing was also the possibility of a
• alternative to the engrammatic importance of the three-dimensional (more or less) static linear space:
• a dynamic non-linear space that has an infinite number of dimensions or - interpreted in a different way - no dimensions
other useful features of the horn torus space are:
• the dynamic self-similarity - thereby self-metrizability
• the rapidly increasing evolution of complex structures and patterns
• potential for extracting dimensionless constants
• non-locality of all events
• intrinsic properties of non-linearity, which in linear spaces have to be added sophisticatedly
• abandonment of continuum - in return obtainment of intuitive images for quantizations
• all artificially introduced 'fields' are dispensable, because the horn torus space offers
• the possibility of reducing abstract concepts such as 'force' and 'energy' to comprehensible processes:
• force is defined by locomotion, not vice versa, due to dynamic interactions and geometric superpositions of entities
• some old fundamental problems vanish into thin air, first of all the issue concerning time
• and much more ....
However, no established or emerging physical theory should be criticized in any way. The horn torus model does not claim to be a theory of everything, not even wants to compete with corresponding ideas and solutions. It is intended as a suggestion to leave, occasionally, fixed habits and thought-automatisms or guidelines of conventional mainstream thinking, playfully, just for fun and inspiration! Addressed are theoretical physicists, who are accustomed to think in numbers, up to the sedenions, in manifolds, in abstract sets and groups. For non-physicists it is simply an exciting game to practise imagination and abstraction, which in turn is helpful or unavoidable for an approximate understanding of today's physics and cosmology.
In order to use the horn torus model to make calculations and predictions, common or special mathematical methods are required, like in all other models and theories. Without that it is not possible! Without mathematics, basis and nature of all that exists remain in the dark. Yet every model of nature, howsoever sophisticated, serves as a mere crutch, with which we hobble around the never attainable and imaginable 'last' truth, only to enjoy the short moments of supposedly experienced close encounter with it. We should be aware of this - but one realization already has been achieved:

the universe is mathematical
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